Country template#

The policyengine_core.country_template module contains a template for a country model. It is intended to be used as a starting point for new country models. To create a new country model, simply copy the contents into a new repo, renaming the country_template folder to the name of your country, then remove the starter code at will.


class policyengine_core.country_template.CountryTaxBenefitSystem(entities: Optional[Sequence[Entity]] = None, reform=None)[source]#

Bases: TaxBenefitSystem

auto_carry_over_input_variables: bool = False#

Whether to automatically carry over input variables when calculating a variable for a period different from the period of the input variables.

entities: List[Entity] = [<policyengine_core.entities.group_entity.GroupEntity object>, <policyengine_core.entities.entity.Entity object>]#

The entities of the tax and benefit system.

modelled_policies: str = PosixPath('/home/runner/work/policyengine-core/policyengine-core/policyengine_core/country_template/modelled_policies.yaml')#

A YAML filepath containing metadata describing the modelled policies.

parameters_dir: str = PosixPath('/home/runner/work/policyengine-core/policyengine-core/policyengine_core/country_template/parameters')#

Directory containing the YAML parameter tree.

variables_dir: str = PosixPath('/home/runner/work/policyengine-core/policyengine-core/policyengine_core/country_template/variables')#

Directory containing the Python files defining the variables of the tax and benefit system.